Chia Seeds good to eat

Chia Seeds good to eat
1. Chia seeds into a spoon and mix the drinks and food. Soon be changing as the gel absorbs moisture.
2. Chia seeds gel state at one time in three tablespoons three times a day, the recommended intake.
3.Pre-breakfast, eat before a workout is better.
4.Drinks and fruit to eat cereal with fruit and honey or syrup on top and sprinkle topping up in the morning to eat a good meal replacement.

Chia seeds will be held in the water shell is 10 times as much as their own weight of water absorbed by the gel, which chiahsideu long-lasting feeling of fullness and water diet rich in dietary fiber helps to
Chia Seeds include amino acids, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants, etc. are rich in various nutritional ingredients.
One kind of nutrient dense super food because of the wide variety of healthy food has been utilized to.
In particular, the necessary nutrition for athletes and growing children, the effect is often recommended intake.
Super Food Chia Seeds are not side effects and can be taken with confidence.

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Teeth originating in Mexico and Latin America (Chia) of the mint plant seeds Chia Seeds system is more than 60% of the fat content of the omega-3 content, salmon is higher than its rich dietary fiber and is characterized by a feeling of fullness.
So Hollywood stars were introduced using a detox juice recipes recipes chiahsideu appearance, you can see that there are many.
In addition, the BBC in the acai berry, coconut oil, followed by the introduction of the next generation of super food is also an Chia Seeds.